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Top 5 University Bags

By Hanaa Foura Oct 2, 2014

A problem that I have had with uni is that I can never make my mind up about which bag is suitable. Should I go for  a cute stylish one that is too small or a large unattractive sack that will only carry my books? There is no need to worry.  Here are five suitable bags to carry around uni without losing your style points.

1. The Backpack

An old-age classic, the backpack’s functionality never dies out for a uni student but the style definitely does. A rucksack from the 80s might not be on trend at the moment. So be practical and stylish with bold prints and designs.

Floral backpack

This all-black simple rucksack has a subtle grid design, adding a refined touch to your look.

Grid Backpack

2.  The fashionable briefcase

You are at university, you want to look and feel smart, right? Well, instead of opting for a briefcase and risk looking like a boring city finance person. You can go for the fashionable, yet simple ‘briefcase’. Look for bags that are simplistic in design and are stylish through the hardware, texture and lining of the bag.

The perfect example is the Zara city bag, it is simple and elegant and gets the job done in both style and practicality. A favourite of smart young women, and always spotted on the Tube during rush hour.

Zara City bag

 3. The detailed tote that is about the Details

Look for tote bags that have subtle details to them, such as this laser cut black tote. It has more than enough room for your uni books etc… and the laser cut adds an edgy touch to an otherwise plain tote.


4. The messenger

This maroon messenger bag is definitely one style to consider. Firstly it is an easy way to go hands free, so you can carry more books around in your hands. Secondly, the small flap keeps the bag secure and the geometric detail adds that extra elegance the look of the bag.

Flap messenger bag

5. The Satchel

Mini satchels are cute for those days you have one lecture and you are not willing to  carry too much around . This neutral bag adds a pop of colour making it a great way to transition from summer to autumn without wearing dark colours.

Grey Mini Satchel

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