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Week 3 Love Island roundup: drama, hypocrisy and first kisses

By Tracy Winu Landu Feb 2, 2020
Rebeeca and Siânnise clash - Google Images

We asked for drama, and they delivered. From gross food challenges, surprise re-couplings and major bust-ups, there hasn’t been an episode of Love Island this week that hasn’t provided some type of much-needed juicy drama and entertainment.

Breaking girl code
After a surprise re-coupling on Sunday night, Rebecca and Siânnise had a row after Rebecca blindsided her by choosing to couple up with Luke T.

Siânnise accused Rebecca of disrespecting girl code by not at least giving her a heads up that she would choose her man.

Some on Twitter argued that “the game is the game” and that Rebecca did not owe Siânnise any loyalty.  However, a couple of days later it was apparent that Luke T and Siânnise were getting on better and Rebecca pulled the victim card, saying that the two could have confronted her by letting her know that they have a closer connection.

In a conversation with Leanne, in frustration, Rebecca asked: “Have I got mug written across my forehead?”

No, but she did get served a tall cold glass of karma.

Connors shock exit 

Sophie and Connor up for elimination

After a shock dumping on Monday, Connor was voted off the island. Some crocodile tears were shed from Sophie (or not shed as I don’t think I saw a single tear fall from her face) and with the promise of breakfast from Shaughna, all was forgotten.

New contestants 

New contestants: Bubbly red-haired beauty Demi and Scottish hunk Wallace

On Tuesday new boy Wallace Wilson, 24, a personal trainer from Scotland and Demi Jones, 21, a style advisor from Portsmouth entered the Villa. They each went on a dinner date with three islanders, but Wallace took a liking to Siânnise and Demi was set on sticking with Nas, who she’s had eyes on before stepping into the Villa.

Time up for Leanne

Leanne got tired of Mike and broke things off with things with after admitting their relationship just “wasn’t banging”, but her treatment towards Mike got worse during the week. She labelled him as “annoying” and “obsessed” after he tried to approach her, which got viewers quite annoyed.

In the recoupling, Mike had the last pick and chose to couple up with Sophie, meaning that Leanne had to go home.

If you ask me I’m still confused as to why Leanne was upset or shocked that Mike chose to send her home. For someone who had the got the “ick” from being around Mike, why she was so bothered when he wanted to get cracking with Jess? Hmm, we’re not sure but we hope she finds love outside of the villa anyway.

Is Sophie playing the long game?

With a sudden recoupling looming, Sophie’s desperation to stay in the Villa after Connor got the boot led to some controversy, with Shaughna questioning Sophie’s motives (and rightfully so).

The confrontation resulted in some tears and tension between Sophie, Shaughna and Callum – who told Shaughna off for being too harsh on Sophie.

Mike doing the absolute most

Mike and Jess getting cosy

Talking about grafting.

Mike wasted no time after cutting things off with Leanne. He chose to pursue Jess and was willing to be her “sexy side dish”. Can you say major cringe?

Tensions rose between him and Luke T (who is currently coupled up with Jess) after he was flirty with the twin, and pulled her for a chat numerous times. Not too sure who Jess will end up picking but let the best man win!

Nas has his first proper kiss!

Nas finally has his first romantic kiss with bombshell Demi

I feel like the nation all felt like proud mums and dads when Nas and Demi finally kissed after bonding over winning the guess the sex position challenge.

I’m glad Nas has found someone that is close enough to being the female version of him. Some are sceptical about Demi going all-in with Nas because he is a favourite on the show, but if they’re happy and this is a real deal, who are we to judge?

Current couples

Rebecca & Wallace – They have no chemistry whatsoever. Rebecca was offended by the avocado toast he made her as she doesn’t like avocados, but she could at least decline politely.

Paige& Finley – This pair had a cosy night in the hideaway and are still going strong. I like them as a couple.

Shaughna & Callum – They had their first date this week but also had a massive bust-up over the Sophie and Connor situation. They’ve since made up, but I wish they could get on the same page. 

Sophie & Mike – Mike tried it with Sophie after becoming a newly single man which was also awkward, but they’re strictly in a friendship couple.

Siânnise & Luke T – They are growing closer together and I’m rooting for them. Siânnise has grown on me after standing up for herself.

Jess & Luke M – Jess is stuck between Luke and Mike but is gravitating towards Mike as they have “more in common”. We’ll see how this triangle turns out. 

Which couple will be axed off next?

At the end of the week, the couples found themselves yet again in an awkward position where they each had to choose two couples they think are the least compatible, who then risk elimination. The couples that are at risk of being dumped from the island are:

– Michael and Sophie
– Jess and Luke M
– Rebecca and Wallace
Siânnise and Luke T

I think there are two obvious choices, but we’ll see who stays and who is voted off the island on Sunday. 


Casa Amor is back to stir some trouble!

To end it off with another surprise, Casa Amor will be back this week! Who’s excited to see the new contestants?

I don’t know if Casa Amor will bring the same shock factor it did in last season when Michael coupled up with Joanna, leaving Amber high and dry, but I guarantee heads will turn.

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