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Why are female celebrities criticised for changing romantic partners?

By Megue Bondoki Feb 13, 2023
Michael B Jordan standing with Lori Harvey . Michael B Jordan is wearing a Tuxedo and Lori Harvey is wearing a gold gown.Lori Harvey split with her ex boyfriend Michael B Jordan in June 2022 Credit: Evan Hills

Celebrity dating life has always been a hot topic in the media because of the public’s fascination with the lives of famous people and the impact they have on society.

Society holds different expectations for men and women when it comes to dating, with women expected to be more reserved and men encouraged to boast.

This disparity in standards stems from sexism and leads to unequal treatment of men and women in the dating scene.

Female celebrities are frequently chastised for changing romantic partners because of double standards that hold women’s sexual and romantic choices to higher standards than men.

Lori Harvey, a model and influencer has been the subject of public scrutiny for changing romantic partners and has faced online slut-shaming.

Harvey’s dating history became controversial when she dated Michael B Jordan.

She has dated celebrities such as Trey Songz and Future and is currently dating Damson Idris.

Her relationship with Damson Idris was made public with an Instagram post of Damson kissing her captioned “Happy Birthday Nunu”.

Following this post, she was trending on Twitter and the public began slut-shaming her with online trolls calling her toxic for moving on to another relationship.

Harvey has been accused of dating male celebrities as a PR stunt.

A photo of Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift faced sexism in the music industry. Credit: Jordan Strauss Shutterstock

Similarly, Taylor Swift stated she experienced slut-shaming for her previous public relationships in her early twenties referring to herself as the “national lightning rod for slut-shaming”.

In contrast, Pete Davidson has been candid about his love life, dating celebrities from Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian and is never disparaged for it.

A photo of Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson has dated a long list of women in Hollywood. Credit: Photo Stephen Lovekin Shutterstock

Similarly, Future who has had relationships with multiple celebs and has eight children with different women including singer Ciara is not condemned for it.

In the world of dating apps and social media, women should feel confident to openly date who they want in the public eye.

In a culture where women have been expected to serve men, it is seen as scandalous when they take charge of their relationship choices.

When women are in charge and make decisions, they should not be seen as a threat.

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