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7 annoying things you’ll come across as a Kingston University student

By Jonas Solgard Mar 2, 2016
Photo credit: Kingston University

1. Getting lost in the third floor of the main building at Penrhyn RoadIMG_9930

Just admit it. Even though you are in your third year you still get lost trying to find a toilet. 

2. A Knights Park student lost at Penrhyn Road

out-of-place illustration

Like Jenny Beaven at the Oscars. 

3. Bumping into every single person on the way up the stairs at John Galsworthy IMG_9960

You know it’s going to be exhausting, but it’ll still be worth it because the lifts are sooo slow.

4. Sudden shifts in temperature in every single buildingd-illustration-thermometer-hot-temperature-30213012

How hot it is between October and April?

5. The incredibly slow lifts at the Penrhyn Road library


Another lift from hell, apparently.

6. Spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to find your classroom


Set aside at least 30 minutes before class to make sure you get there on time at the start of a new year. 

7. Trying to get to Roehampton Vale

KU bus or the 85? Either way, it’s a long and rare trip to make.

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