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Behind Her Eyes: Reasons to read it before you watch it

By Tavanna Green Feb 8, 2021
Simona Brown, Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman. Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released the Behind Her Eyes trailer ahead of the series premiere on February 17. The series is based on Sarah Pinborough’s critically acclaimed novel. Lies, affairs and deceit are all themes in this psychological thriller.

The book tells the story of Louise, a single mother who finds herself entangled in the seemingly perfect marriage of David and Adele. It is only when she ends up in an unlikely friendship with Adele that she notices the cracks in their marriage.

Louise finds herself with more questions than answers. Is David who he says he is? Is Adele really a vulnerable victim? 

Front cover of the book, Behind her eyes next to an image of its Netflix adaptation
The book from which the Netflix series is adapted. 

So why read the book first?

You will understand the story better

If you truly appreciate a good story, read the book before you watch the series. There is no better imagery than the one your imagination provides when it is guided by the author’s descriptions.  You will see the story the way the author intended it, not the director’s interpretation.

You can’t place every detail from the book into a 30-minute episode or an hour of the film. It is guaranteed that some things will be lost when a book gets translated into film.

It is the director’s job, however difficult it may be, to capture the essence of the story and bring it to life with film. Hopefully, the upcoming Netflix miniseries has the same mesmerising and artistic effects as the book. Based on the trailer, so far, they have done a great job.

Reading a book brings you closer to the author

A book gives you a glimpse of the author’s thoughts and the way they think.

My favourite line from Behind Her Eyes (2017) is: “My heartbeat and headache throb in unison like mad lovers.” I initially found this description comical. It’s creative and unique and I wish I’d thought of it myself. The author’s vast use of descriptive and emotive language creates tension and stimulates the feeling of wanting to know more.

Behind Her Eyes is a thrilling and fascinating book. So much, that it only took me two days to devour it. Care to beat that challenge anyone? There is still time before the series premieres.

How and why I finished the book so quickly

I read it every chance I got, avoiding people and conversations in the process so that I could read for long enough to find the answers to the questions posed in the book.

The book granted me escapism, and in return, I gained entertainment as I frantically read and turned the pages to see how the story unfolds.

Actors in the upcoming Netflix series Behind her eyes.
Actors Simona Brown, Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman. Images from Shutterstock

Characters and the actors who play them

Irish actress, Eve Hewson, plays Adele, one of the main characters in the book. Adele is depicted as a seemingly vulnerable person.

She does things meticulously and pays immense attention to detail. The purpose of this skill is later revealed in the book. Will it be the same in the series?

Simona Brown portrays the character of Louise, another main character in the book. Louise is inquisitive, caring and easily led. These traits might be what caused her shocking fate.

David, Adele’s husband, is depicted with two personas. As soon as you think you have his character figured out, you are introduced to new information and events that contradict his personality. David is played by Tom Bateman.

There is still time though to read the book before you watch them in action.

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