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Kilimanjaro climb for charity

By River Reporter Oct 10, 2013

The Kingston University challenge society


Kingston University students are hoping to raise £30,000 for charity by climbing the tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

The students, part of the Kingston University challenge society, will travel to Africa next August to climb the 6,000-metre peak.

Ahmed Abdi, a third-year aerospace engineering, astronautics and space technology student, started the society this summer with the help of the charity Dig Deep.

He said: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that some people may think ‘wow you can’t do it’, so its good to show its possible and at the same time its good for the charity, giving something back to a community.”

“I thought; why not show that a group from Kingston University can do this? Most of the time you hear of these type of challenges from students at big universities, and I thought well we have a good university and we can show what our students can do,” he said.

Dig Deep helps to provide clean drinking water to communities in east Africa and is working with the challenge society to co-ordinate the fund raising.

Jessica Wood, the challenges programme manager for Dig Deep explained how the money will be used.

She said: “the £30,000 raised by this Kingston challenge could implement two water projects, which will provide clean water for up to 2000 Kenyans, which is pretty huge.”

The charity was initially set up by students, and also helps to provide sanitation and renewable energy as well as water. Jessica spoke of the importance of fund raising by students.

 “In one year our student fund raising events can add up to £500,000, working with 25 universities, from Exeter to Newcastle. All of the employees at Dig Deep have been students and studied, which gives us a strong student identity,” she said.

Theo Mills, an environmental hazards student explained why he was interested in challenge: “It’s good to get out there and see the world plus you’re raising money for the charity. I climbed Mt. Kenya last summer and wanted another hurdle.”

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