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Fisherman’s Friends review: a hit for the elderly

By Angel Pearce Mar 13, 2019
Fishermen's Friends were scouted when performing their sea shanties by the sea Photo: IMDb

If I was my 87-year-old grandmother I would have probably really enjoyed Fisherman’s Friends, sadly, I am not.

It should’ve been clear I wasn’t going to thoroughly enjoy the movie as after a while, the cinema began to fill with old age pensioners struggling to make it up the stairs.

The elderly lady sat next to me needed the help of both the railing and her (also elderly) friend to make it up the stairs and I believe I may have been the youngest person at the screening.

Fisherman’s friends is based on a true story about how a group of fishermen from Cornwall were scouted by a record label and asked to record their sea shanties onto an album.

The man from the record label, Danny, was told by his friends to scout the band, however, they have stitched him up and leave him stranded in Cornwall.

Danny gives the leader of the group, Jim, his word that he will create the album.
The group of fishermen are apprehensive at first but decide to go along with the idea.

The youngest member of the group, Rowen, is having money issues and it seems that if they don’t make some money from the album he would need to close down the community pub.

Meanwhile, a love story is coming into fruition with Danny and Jim’s daughter, Alwyn.
Alwyn was previously hurt by the father of her child and it was refreshing to watch her learn to love again.

Despite doubt from rival companies they made it to number nine in the UK top 40.

The story was heart-warming and sweet, with humour in places. While the songs were interesting, they could’ve sung more sea shanties seeing as the entire film was about sea shanties.

There was nothing explicitly wrong with the movie, it just clearly wasn’t targeted at a 22-year-old student like me.

I’m sure an OAP will love fisherman’s friends, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 35 (at least) to watch it unless sea shanties are your thing.

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