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Graphic design students aim to raise £25K with Re-Freshers event

By Alice Bradley Oct 26, 2017
Students party at the Hippodrome photo: Hippodrome

Kingston University graphic design students have released tickets for the course’s annual Re-Freshers event to fund their final year show.

The social, which will be held at the Hippodrome on Tuesday October 24, is one of several events scheduled to raise £25,000 for the exhibition.

Third-year graphic design student Harry Archer, 22, said: “Re-Freshers is going to be the biggest night of the year so far.

He continued: “It is fundraising, but it is also a nice way to blend campuses. With Knight’s Park, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Hill and Roehampton Vale, there is a quiet rivalry so it will be nice to have a blend of people getting on.”

The students, who are now based at the River House campus, will be hosting the event alongside product design students.

Graphic design student and event organiser Scott Coleman, 22, said: “It is also just an excuse to meet other people on our course because we are known for being one of the closest courses in terms of first, second and third year. We are all quite fluid and we all know each other.”

Graphic design student Leah Fredrickson, 21 said: “At the end of third year we do a big show to show off all our work and we need quite a big budget to do it in London. To be able to do a big event at the Hippodrome means that we can get loads of people and raise some more money towards our total.”

She continued: “When you do shows that are funded by the uni, they have their name all over it and you have people to please. Whereas when you do a show for yourself, it really belongs to you.”

The graphic design students will be hosting more events later this year, including the Snowball in collaboration with the Illustration Animation course.

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