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Jan Goodey: ‘Courageous’ KU lecturer is a ‘government scapegoat’

By Charlie Evans Jan 11, 2023
Just Stop Oil protestJust Stop Oil protest Credit: Dinendra Haria/LNP/Shutterstock

Kingston University lecturer and Writers Rebel member James Miller has said “courageous” imprisoned lecturer Jan Goodey has been made a scapegoat by the government.

More than 100 public figures have signed a letter by Writers Rebel in solidarity with jailed climate protesters, including Goodey.

“I think he has been very courageous in taking non violent direct action to highlight our government’s failures to take meaningful action on the climate emergency.

“He’s being made a scapegoat and an example by our Home Secretary whose draconian new laws effectively criminalise all protest,” he said.

Goodey was sentenced to six months in prison after climbing onto a gantry on the M25 as part of a Just Stop Oil protest.

He was the first to be convicted for intentionally or recklessly causing public nuisance under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Act 2022.

“Words of hope and encouragement are ineffective and irrelevant; it is action, resistance and solidarity that work.”

Jan goodey in his column for freedom

Goodey has received support from names such as Chris Packham, Helen Pankhurst and Dame Emma Thompson.

Miller, a Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing, said: “We know there is a climate emergency and the lives and futures of our students and children are at risk.”

He said very few are taking appropriate action but Goodey did and he is “on the right side of history”.

In a column for the anarchist website Freedom, writing from prison, Goodey said: “Words of hope and encouragement are ineffective and irrelevant; it is action, resistance, and solidarity that work.”

Miller said Writers Rebel are planning a campaign of solidarity for Goodey and other prisoners and are trying to mobilise support through their contacts.

By Charlie Evans

Reporter/News Editor. Interests include: sport, politics and history.

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