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Kingston student slapped with £50 littering fine

By Rachel Andrews Dec 9, 2016
The fashion student was handed a £50 on-the-spot fine Photo credit: Rex features

A Kingston University student was slapped with a £50 fine for dropping her cigarette in the road by  ‘litter police’ whilst walking back from work, last week.

Two NSL Limited workers gave Isabelle Barnes, 21, an on-the-spot fine for dropping the butt as she crossed the road by Kingston station, despite protests from passers-by to try to stop it from being issued.

The third-year fashion student said: “I left work after a very long day and, like I always do, had a cigarette after my shift as I was walking home. I crossed the road to go towards Kingston station and as I was in the middle of the road, I dropped it.

“Next thing, I had law enforcement running after me. They cautioned me and fined me £50, which I had to pay or it would go up to £80.”

Isabelle said that people passing by got involved to stop them issuing what she said was an “unnecessary” and “unfair” fine.

Kingston council gave NSL Limited the ‘self-funding’ contract in June last year. The service does not cost the council.

“When one lady realised he was fining me, she swore at him and spat on the floor, so they gave her a fine for that.

“I am really annoyed because many drivers smoke in their cars and chuck them out of the window onto the road. There was no ashtray or bin in the middle of the road to put it in, so it I thought it was unfair.”

Isabelle said that it was not the first time she had been fined and, although she agreed with the punishment the first time, she did not this time.

Earlier this year, a video named ‘Confronting Plastic Authority’ emerged in which two litter enforcement officers are confronted for fining a man for dropping a cigarette on Clarence Street. The video has since been deleted.

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