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KU osteopath abused patient

By Toslima Jahan Dec 20, 2014

An osteopathic doctor at Kingston University has been suspended after allegedly sexually harassing one of his female patients for three years.

Malcolm Mayer, an osteopath at the Penrhyn Road Health centre massaged his patient’s vagina and clitoris and told the patient that she was a “VIP client”.

The General Osteopathic council ruled that: “In relation to touching patient A’s vagina and clitoris, there was no clinical reason for doing this and in the Committee’s judgment it is self-evident that the touching of these clearly intimate areas were sexually motivated.”

The abuse happened over a period of three years between August 2010 and October 2013 when the patient attended over 100 consultations.

Mayer made the victim do yoga in her underwear and told her she had a “lovely body” and that she “looked good for her age”.

The patient told the council that during the inappropriate consultations with the osteopath she went into a state of shock and stopped breathing.

When the council asked why she continued to go to these consultations she said she assumed that she misunderstood the treatment and believed that it was just a series of “bad coincidences”.

Mayer practiced at the Penrhyn Road health centre for 20 years before the sexual abuse allegations emerged late last year.

A spokeswoman for Kingston University said: “The University expects all staff, and those with whom it works with to uphold the highest professional standards at all times.

“The Service Agreement requires all third parties to adhere to the rules, regulations and policies of the University including Equal Opportunities, Harassment and Bullying and Health and Safety policies. At all times, the University reserves the right to bring contracts to an end when the University is brought in to disrepute.

“As soon as the allegations were brought to the attention of the University, the service offered by this practitioner was immediately brought to an end by the mutual consent of the University and the practitioner.”



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