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KU student launches clothing line

By Sosan Javaid Dec 3, 2016
Ghani wearing a hoodie he designed Photo credit: Sosan Javaid

Committing to posting regular, amusing YouTube videos is challenging enough when studying at university, but one KU student has taken it further by launching a clothing line.

With over 12,000 YouTube subscribers and thousands of followers across all social media, Othman Abdul Ghani has committed to expanding his name.

Creative technology student Ghani, 19, said: “I wanted to expand. I always liked the idea of clothing because it spreads the message in a nicer manner. People think it’s just merchandise for my followers but it’s not, it’s for everyone.”

HXBIBI Clothing was launched earlier this month.

The meaning behind his brand name is derived from the Arabic term ‘Habibi’ which can be said to someone you deeply care about or love.

Ghani said: “I call my followers the Habibi Army because they are like my family.”

The Roman numerals XII stand for the number 12, the year in which Ghani started his YouTube journey.

Ghani has been posting comical, entertaining videos on his YouTube channel unfailingly every week, pulling in over a million views.

In response to the success of his YouTube channel, Ghani began to build his own brand.

He designed unique clothing items including unisex hoodies and t-shirts, with the help and support of his friends.

All items are made to order to ensure the customer is satisfied with Ghani’s service.

Balancing his studies with the brand has not been difficult for Ghani. He said: “If you enjoy something, you learn to find a balance.”

It is early days for Ghani’s business but he is happy with the initial outcome so far.

“Business is slow but that is how it is with anything, everything slowly builds as exposure gains.”

The clothes are available for purchase online.


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