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KU students fear they will be lonely this Christmas

By Carly Hacon Dec 8, 2017
A high number of KU students are worried about being alone this Christmas Photo: Hughes Entertainment

The majority of Kingston University students who are not able to go home for Christmas this year are concerned they will be lonely.

The River conducted a survey this week that showed 60 per cent of 250 students who are staying in Kingston over the holidays do not have any plans for December 25.

Cecelia Chan, a Chinese landscape architecture student, said: “I will be staying in London to spend my first Christmas here. I am wondering what I could do here, as it seems many of the people would spend their Christmas in their home countries.

“It would be great if anyone at the halls could organise something for Christmas, especially because there is no public transport for two days during the holiday.”

Most of the students who are staying in Kingston cannot afford to return to their home countries over the festive period due to the heightened prices of airfare, the survey showed.

Because Kingston University does not provide any events for these students, they are worried they will spend the day alone.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “The University halls connectors will shortly be sending out a leaflet to students in halls providing information on activities being organised for the festive period, alongside contacts for support services available.

“Plans include a Christmas Day meal in a local restaurant for halls’ students – details will be confirmed shortly.”

Clinical psychology student Mukta Kaskar, 23, said: “I am from India and it is quite expensive to go back. Also, we have limited days as holiday.

“I feel sad that I am not home this time. Family events will be super missed but I will just try to make the best use of the opportunities given.”

From the recent survey students staying in Kingston over Christmas, 70 per cent of the students with no plans for Christmas have said they will “most likely” spend it alone.

As of yet, none of the Kingston University’s halls of residences have advertised any upcoming events for the big day.

President of the KU student group Connect UK Global Jenna Fletcher said: “I think that the university itself is unaware of students like those, because it is, essentially, a business.

“They [The students] should know that societies like Connect UK are here for them. There are bound to be some people who can’t make it home, so a lot of the time those people meet up themselves [not as an organised event.]”

Other individual Student Union societies may also be running some events during this period, but none are yet advertised. Students can keep a lookout for upcoming activities via

All university libraries will be closed on Monday 25, but the Kingston Hill LRC will be open between 10.00am and 5.00pm on Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 December.

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