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KU students share their top study tips

By Melissa I Okoroafor Nov 24, 2021
Two students standing outside KU's Town House

Preparing for exams or assignments? Kingston University students share their top tips for use whilst studying.

KU Student studying

“I would recommend starting assignments early, taking breaks to reward yourself and writing notes in words that make sense to you.”

Bridgit Obeng, pharmacy student

“I always listen to study music on Spotify and YouTube, it gets me in the zone and keeps me focused for a long period of time because it is very easy to get distracted whilst studying.”

Kayona Daley, creative writing student

“When I study, I draw mind maps because it helps me to organise all of my thoughts.”

Rachel Essex, creative and professional writing student

“I always make sure to get a good night’s sleep before an exam. I also recommend making quite a few friends in your class to study with so that you can form a study group.”

Azad Khan, pharmacology student

“I record voice notes to revise from and I listen to them when I am travelling to and from university so it sticks.”

Hannah Haastrup, biomedical science student

“I would recommend not procrastinating and studying way before exam season, so you are prepared for what’s to come. Leaving your studies till the last minute could also affect your grades and put you under a lot of unwanted pressure.”

Peggy Serwaa, dance student

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