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KU’s Enterprise programme launched with enthusiasm

By Tina Dahmen Oct 2, 2015

Kingston University’s Entrepreneur Society welcomed studentpreneurs, freelancers and social-enterprisers with balloons, guest speakers, freebies and a drink reception Wednesday, September 30.

Around 40 enthusiastic students participated in the launch of Kingston Entrepreneurs Events at the Business Campus in Kingston Hill. The event kicked off with a networking activity involving the crowd, followed by an encouraging introduction speech by the head of Enterprise Education, Dr Martha Mador.

“Employees urge us and really want students to take part in our Enterprise programme. During this programme you will come up with new bright ideas, meet people from all around the world, from all sorts of backgrounds and improve your networking skills,” said Mador.

“If an employee reads on your CV that you have taken part in an entrepreneurial programme like that, the conversation during a job interview can move from their agenda over to yours. This can be very valuable.”

All Kingston University students and recent alumni are invited to join in with Enterprise. Weekly lectures are held usually at Penrhyn Road Campus. Competitions such as Bright Ideas are running, and extra-curricular events and lots of resources are provided for prospective student and graduate entrepreneurs.

Alumni Rashid Somauroo, 31, was also present at the launch. Born and raised in Surrey, he has established a successful business called Propertyflock. His business is a high-growth online advertising platform for the real estate industry and enables real estate professionals to leverage content on social media to increase brand exposure.

Somauroo started a degree in Bsc Computer Science but then moved to Ba 12081535_10204663142246646_1484551601_n 2Entrepreneurship and Business Management. He encourages students to get out of their comfort zone: “I did my BA at Kingston Business school and I had no idea about business when I started. I closed my first funding just before I graduated. I didn’t have a clue about anything I was doing. The Enterprise program taught me structure, which helped massively.

“We wanted to build trust in a mostly distrusted industry, in this case property, by adding a social layer to property search and it worked. Our forte is social technology and we are looking to explore new markets in 2016.

“It is best to learn from the people who have been on your path before. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself. Learn how to network and just introduce yourself to the world. If you are passionate about your project and you can make another person as passionate about it too, you will succeed.”

The Entrepreneur Society was also present at the event last night. Whether you want to become the next Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg or you would like to start a business, freelance career or social enterprise, the Entrepreneur Society will give you lots of opportunities to learn vital skills that will help you to develop and promote yourself and/or your business idea.

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