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KU’s Lacrosse team win LGBT+ photo competition

By Aimee Wilson Apr 10, 2018
Kingston Cougars Lacrosse team with their LGBTQ rainbow laces Photo: Becca Difford-Smith

KU’S lacrosse team won the best rainbow laces photo competition to raise awareness for LGBT+ History Month and Stonewall UK.

The competition was run through social media using the hashtag #KULGBT18 where sports teams and societies could win £150 for the most innovative team photo idea.

The lacrosse team’s media officer, Becca Difford-Smith, said: “Lax were happy to take part as it was fun taking the photos together and it helps to get lacrosse noticed more if we win.

“We want to spend the money on some professional promotional material for the club to use at fresher’s fayre and other events.”

The Union gave students free laces in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign which originated from the LGBT charity Stonewall in 2013.

Safrina Ahmed, Union of Kingston Students’ Campaigns and Liberation Project Coordinator, said: “We feel by encouraging students to do a small action like wearing these laces, it will spark necessary talks about LGBT.”


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