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London Fashion Week: hybrid show an ‘amazing opportunity’ for KU post-grads

By Gabrielle Risasi Oct 2, 2022
Fashion designs by Camila PereiraDesigns by Camilla Pereira. Credit: Richard Sorger

The dust has settled on London Fashion Week (LFW) but Kingston University MA Fashion graduates are still buzzing from their experience.

KU student’s garments were showcased in a film titled ‘Horizon’, on the last day of the clothing trade show.

MA Fashion graduate Charmaine Lam said: “London Fashion Week is one of the largest events in London and it is very honouring to be part of it.” 

The collection was also exhibited at a drop-in exhibition at Gallery Different, where family and friends were invited to look at the designs. 

Lam described the experience as an amazing opportunity and explained why the hybrid virtual and physical showcasing was so important.

“At the exhibition, people can touch and feel the clothes which is much better than watching it visually on a screen.

“It was a super intense effort. I felt a bit uncomfortable at first because the schedule was really tight. But in the end, it was important and I am grateful for it,” said Lam. 

Another graduate, Camila Pereira, said: “It was good for me personally and professionally to have this opportunity because then I could prove to myself that I was good enough and that my work was good.

“You want to do your best because it is your signature as a designer.” 

Design by Charmaine Lam. Credit: Richard Sorger

The students heaped praise on their MA Fashion course leader Richard Sorger, saying he helped with the process and encouraged the students to produce high quality work. 

Pereira said: “He pushed all the students to do their best always and sometimes it was hard, but I think this makes the difference because you want to impress him, you want to show him your best.” 

Lam said: “I think studying with Richard has helped a lot with being able to produce quality work at a fast pace. We had so much to do, but the different work and schedule allowed us to work in diverse ways. He really helped us with that.”

“He taught us this way to prepare us for what it is like working in fashion, to be in that environment and to work under that kind of pressure.” 

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