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Married at first sight Australia’s reunion is the most dramatic thing on TV right now

By Tyla Connor Mar 3, 2021
A picture with a grey background of Cyrell Paule and Martha Kalifatidis from Married at First Sight Australia.The feud between Cyrell Paul and Martha Kalifatidis reached new heights during the reunion dinner party. Christopher Khoury/ Australian Press Agency/Dan Peled/EPA-EFE

Things got messy during Friday night’s explosive Married at First Sight Australia episode where Cyclone Cyrell attacked Jess and Martha during the reunion party.

The reunion dinner party was packed with drama, Cyclone Cyrell dominated the evening aiming her rage at anyone who had done wrong during the experiment.

When Martha Kalifatidis and her husband Michael Brunelli entered the party, Cyrell ignored Martha but spoke to Michael, which made Martha bark at her husband not to talk to Cyrell at all.

Then Jess Power and Dan Webb walked into the party adding to the already building tension.

The tension then reached a new high when Cyrell shouted: “This experiment was about love and everyone’s made a mockery out of it.” During the dinner part of the night, she continued: “Let’s just switch husbands! My hoo-ha is bored. I’m gonna jump on your husband.”

Feeding into a previous feud with Martha, Cryrell continuously taunted Michael throughout the night: “You’re getting played, and you know what? It won’t be too long till she leaves you too.” She continued: “We’ve all said the same thing. Michael has no balls when it comes to Martha.”

This led to the most shocking event in the whole of Married At First Sight history, Martha purposely poured her drink over Cyrell.

Cyrell then ran after Martha and threw her drink on her, Mike Gunner and Sam Ball had to restrain Cyrell afterwards.

This event left the whole group stunned, even the experts said: “Their behaviour was appalling. There was no respect for the others and there was no self-respect.”

Recalling the events Martha said: “I did pour a glass of wine on her head. Understandably she lost it, and she poured a drink back on me.” Referring to her white Prada dress stained with red wine: “That’s what this masterpiece right here is. It’s quite epic.”

She said that it was spur of the moment, Cyrell had been baiting her all night pressing the wrong buttons, which Cyrell later owned up to.

Martha then attempted to apologise for her behaviour.

Cyrell sticking to her guns rejected the apology retaliating with: “You’re as fake as your nose, lip and boob job. It’s a shame you couldn’t find a plastic surgeon that could fix your personality because that’s what’s the fakest the most, honey. And your bullshit sorry means shit all to me.”

Fans of the show congratulated Cyrell for putting Martha in her place.

The episode ended on an intense note after Mick told Cyrell that Jess had pulled her former husband Nic Jovanovic to the side to ask him to be with her, which he declined.

Cyrell kept the excitement and anticipation going for the next and final episode of the series airing on Monday by saying: “Tomorrow everyone will see the real Jess – all the bullshit, the lies, her cheating.” She ended the remark with: “And I’m just gonna sit there and say karma’s a bitch isn’t it?”

By Tyla Connor

Transgender queer freelance journalist studying at Kingston University. I am passionate about feature writing and fashion journalism. Contact me directly for story ideas or if you have your own story to tell at

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