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New (Malden) Slang! – Jaime Woon

By Tina Dahmen Nov 28, 2015

The concert given by New Malden-born singer and producer Jamie Woon at Hippodrome triggered a highly chilled out and very relaxed mood amongst the audience.

With the new album Making Time, Jaime brought his beautiful electronic modern soul to his fans.

The line-up included songs from his previous album Mirrorwriting, and his new album Making Time, such as Night Air, Shoulda, Lady Luck, Gravity, Spirits, Street and Celebrating which he wrote together with Willy Mason

Woon released the new album Making Time on November 6 via his long-standing label PMR Records.

The band delivered a soul catching performance and created a highly spiritual vibe which intertwined perfectly with the meanings and lyrics of Woon’s songs. The crowd were swaying from one foot to the other and seemed to be in an uplifting trance state.

The two vocalists, supporting Woon’s voice from the left hand side on the stage, projected great energy and the bass man in the back moved his head with his eyes closed, synchronously to the beat of the drums, while the lights were switching between blue and green.

The audience cheered in recognition during the opening notes of nearly every song, even singing along to many of them.

People were very chilled out. They were enjoying it a lot and were very focused on the singer. “The night was very enjoyable and chilled, ” said a close friend of Jamie Woon, Agnes, 24.

Will, 25, said: “I have only met him once but he is very cool. He is just very chilled out, he is not aware of how talented he is! He is quite humble.”

Jaime’s mother and Celtic singer Mae McKenna was also present with some friends: “It’s very nice to see your son on the stage, since I am a professional singer myself. It’s amazing when your children share the same interest and we like a lot of the same music,” she said.

Sandra from Surbiton, a friend of Woon’s mother said: “I had a fabulous and unexceptionally wonderful time!”

Mae McKenna is one of the UK’s top session singers. She sang on albums by Scritti Polotti, Climie Fisher, Pete Townshend and virtually every Stock Aitken and Waterman hit including albums by Rick Astley, Donna Summer, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Bananarama.

In November Jamie will be touring through France and Germany. In March 2016 he will be performing in cities throughout the UK, including Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Brighton and London.


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