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KU students’ Easter video featured on The Telegraph

By River Reporter Mar 31, 2013

KU illustration and animation students have created Easter chick ‘Leyland’ who stars in a video featured on The Telegraph’s website.

Caroline Bursell

Animation and illustration students at KU have created a ‘stop-motion’ video to say “Happy Easter from Kingston University” starring Easter chickens, which is featured on The Telegraph’s website.

Student ambassadors Ellie Pritchard and Chloe Winn were given the opportunity to create an Easter video by the University’s ambassador scheme and decided to show off KU campuses with the help of some fuzzy friends.

Ethos of Kingston

“Overall we wanted to create something playful and engaging, but at the same time make the University appealing. We want potential students to feel comfortable and at ease which is definitely an ethos of Kingston and I feel that our animation portrayed this well,” said Ms Winn.

Both Ms Pritchard and Ms Winn write blogs for the KU ‘Ask Us’ website, for potential students to visit and ask current students any questions they may have, which inspired their use of the Easter chicks. 

Ms Winn said: “We decided on using those little chickies you see which are literally all over the place, as they aren’t used to their full potential during Easter. What a super way our animation was to use them, they were confident in front of the camera and showed how friendly and lovely Kingston as a town is!”

Chicks on Green Screen

Ms Pritchard plans to continue making videos starring lead chick ‘Leyland’, and has started a blog of animated images called ‘Chicks on Green Screen’.

“Hopefully this will be the first of many adventures for Leyland and his friends. I have grown to love these chickens so much that the blog I have started will be updated regularly to show what the chickies are up to,” said Ms Pritchard.

Both co-creators praised the Easter holiday despite the inconsistent weather: “Easter is always a lovely holiday, though especially when it’s sunny, and I’m looking forward to many Easter egg hunts this weekend,” said Ms Pritchard.

Ms Winn said: “The animation was not only to spread the Easter love but to give potential students an idea of what Kingston as a place is like through, well, the eyes of a chicken!”

Watch Ellie and Chloe’s video below – Happy Easter from Kingston University!

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