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Top five 3D films of spring 2013

By River Reporter Mar 29, 2013

Why settle for two dimensions when you can have three? These top films of spring 2013 are set to dazzle your senses in the cinema.

Caroline Bursell

Finding Nemo 3D (released in cinemas 28 March)

Big bosses Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animations strike again. Why release a new gem this month when you can dig up an old one, and on its tenth anniversary no less? For those who haven’t met overprotective clownfish father Marlin and his gimpy-fin son Nemo (where have you been, anyway?), the 3D experience is sure to do them justice, amplifying Marlin’s adventure through the deepest, darkest, most exhilarating corners of the ocean. 

Iron Man 3 (25 April)

Billionaire playboy and Avengers stand-out Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is everyone’s favourite hothead, a man of steel in his own right. This year he returns for a third instalment of the popular series about his alter-ego Iron Man, who has to fight new villain ‘the Mandarin’ (Ben Kingsley) to keep his world from falling apart. The film will be available in 3D, ‘3D ISENSE’ and IMAX 3D, and if the trailer is any indication (see below), this action-packed feature paired with 3D effects will just about punch you right in the face, and it’ll be awesome. 

Star Trek Into Darkness (2 May)

Director J.J. Abrams keeps the action going this spring with Star Trek Into Darkness, another series instalment where the Enterprise crew deal with terrorists of their own and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) leads his manhunt, you guessed it, into darkness – and into war. Outer space in 3D? It’s the closest some of us will ever get to the great unknown (and Chris Pine’s chiseled features). 

The Great Gatsby (16 May) 

The 3D experience of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby is in stark contrast from the glistening, crazy-technology-ridden action films in the industry, and could be a nice change for film buffs with a taste for the classic. Set in 1922 New York, Leonardo DiCaprio plays mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, who lives next door to war veteran Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), and both become part of a whirlwind of romance, allure and turmoil. The curious detail and sophisticated setting seen through the magic of 3D glasses is anticipated to be as great as the Gatsby himself.  

Epic (24 May)

If you’re partial to Avatar, try the endearing adventure that is Epic – and you won’t be blinded by blue. This animated, extravagant comedy boasts a sparkling cast list of voices, including Steven TylerJason SudeikisJosh HutchersonCollin FarrellChristoph Waltz and even Beyoncé Knowles (who plays a queen, how appropriate). In this film, the creators of Ice Age and Rio dream up an intriguing forest world where an unknowing teenager (Amanda Seyfried) finds herself bonding with the natives to save the day. 3D talking slugs and miniature tree warriors are definitely sights to be seen.

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