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New Slang at McClusky’s: Hit or miss

By River Reporter Sep 28, 2012

Kingston’s night life fell silent on Thursday when McClusky’s, the new host to New Slang, failed to attract students through their doors.

Between 9.30pm and 11.00pm fewer than 40 people passed through the barriers to get into McClusky’s.

“My friends are playing tonight, that’s the only reason I’m here, I wouldn’t come to McClusky’s otherwise, I’d just come for New Slang nights,” said Lauren Springle, 19, a second year Kingston geography student.

After two and a half successful years at Hippodrome, New Slang’s live band nights returned to McClusky’s on Thursday nights two weeks ago. There has been a mix of feedback regarding the change of location.

The latest was an indie evening with performances from Marques Toliver and Jamie Thorn and The Mystery, and within an hour there was no queue.

“New Slang was good at McClusky’s years ago, but I prefer Hippodrome. I would only come to McClusky’s for New Slang nights,” said Jess Bowey, 22, Kingston nursing graduate.

Banquet Records run New Slang nights at McClusky’s and said that the move was made as part of a deal for McClusky’s to run a club night, D.A.N.C.E, for Banquet Records on Fridays, but McClusky’s wanted New Slang night too.

“When I first came to New Slang it was here at McClusky’s, I saw Babyshambles and it was a great night,” said Jack Dodd, 21, drama and creative writing graduate at Kingston.

McClusky’s and Banquet Records have said they are excited about the move and believe it will bring in fresh bands. They hope students carry on enjoying New Slang nights.

“Some of the shows will sell out earlier, but it is still New Slang, by New Slang,” said a Banquet Records official.

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