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Students plan Model United Nations conference

By River Reporter Dec 8, 2012

Zia Weise

Students are organising a Model United Nations conference for next semester’s enrichment week.

It will be Kingston’s first MUN, held at Penrhyn Road campus April 8-10. The conferences, a role-play simulation of the United Nations, are held worldwide and attract hundreds of participants each year.

“Model UN is a great way to learn about global issues,” said organiser Lika Døhl Diouf, who will also take on the role of Secretary-General during the conference.

“We hope to bring together people from all disciplines and bridge the gap between the different campuses, give students an opportunity to take on some actual responsibility and get proper team work experience, which will all be important for later life.”

Ms Diouf, a second-year international law student, runs the MUN branch of Kingston’s UN Association (UNAKU), a youth branch of UNA-UK.

“The best thing is that it will be all ours,” said Ms Diouf. “On that Thursday morning in April, when we’ve showered off the sweat and stress from organising a hugely successful conference, we can lean back, watch the footage from the live stream, smile and say ‘we did that’.”

How to register

Students can register for delegate or chairman roles on the conference website. There is a fee of £25, with lunch and social events included.

Representing nation’s governments, the delegates simulate a session in an organ of the United Nations, debating a set topic and writing a resolution.

MUN’s committees

Kingston’s MUN will feature three committees – the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and the UN Refugee Agency – with topics yet to be announced.

The organisers are also looking for volunteers.

“Organising a Model UN is a lot of work, and we could use lots and lots of volunteers,” said Ms Diouf.

“At this stage we need everything from people working in logistics, technology, journalists, graphic designers, film makers, actors, musicians and just anyone who is willing to pull up their sleeves and put in some hard work.”

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