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Personal trainers and students disappointed by gym closures

By Rodayna Raydan Nov 15, 2020
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Gyms have been forced to shut their doors once again leaving gym owners, trainers and their clients frustrated and disappointed. 

Many personal trainers are left with no income as they rely on training sessions in the gym. Whilst students are left distressed as going to the gym is their escape from university stresses.

Becca Allison a personal trainer and nutritionist in London said: “For me the gym as for many others, is my safe place and is much more than just a place to get a sweat on and burn calories.”

Allison added: “ Not everyone has the capacity at home to recreate a gym environment, I know this from my clients who have children or very little space and it’s really affecting peoples mental health.”

Luke Armour, an owner of two gyms and a personal trainer said: “I’m lucky in some respects that I get a tiny bit of income support from the government support schemes as an owner of two gyms however many of the personal trainers who operate out of my gyms receive no help whatsoever and have certainly struggled to survive in a cut throat industry.”

Some students have found the closure of gyms have affected them mentally.

Harriet Torres said: “I already feel isolated so the closure of gyms doesn’t help at all as it’s making me feel lonely and demotivated.”

Torres added: “Everything else is closed and there’s nothing much to do, the weather doesn’t help for an outside run or any outdoor workout so I think the government really needs to reconsider their decision.”

Aya Ahmed said: “ I feel like the gym is my save haven as it gives me the space where I feel motivated and confident to workout , at my flat I feel demotivated to work out and I can’t turn on my music as I will disturb my flatmates.”

Gym owners have been encouraging people to sign an online petition to put pressure on government to keep gyms open.

Luke Armourt said: “The government are closing the very thing that can be used as a weapon to prevent obesity, suicide, weakened immune systems, mental health and the list goes on.”

Armourt added: “Gyms are incredibly safe, as official statistics have stated so it is hard to take that the reasons behind the closure are unfathomable.”

A parliamentary committee will hold a debate on Covid-19 restrictions on gyms and sport on Monday 23 November.

By Rodayna Raydan

Aspiring journalism student at Kingston university with a Lebanese heritage and fluent English and Arabic. I'm currently the news editor at the River Online.

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