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Rex Orange County releases PONY

By Savanna A Kelly-Drakes Oct 26, 2019
Image: Rex Orange County

Surrey singer-songwriter Rex Orange County made an appearance at Kingston’s very own Banquet records last Saturday, following the release of his latest album, PONY.

The newest album PONY was released on all streaming platforms last Friday. The 21-year-old British singer-songwriter also performed at Pryzm nightclub on October 26. 

Blending genres such as indie pop, neo-soul and alternative hip hop, the album speaks to your soul.

The methodic rhythm, combined with the lyrics and the sweet tones of the Surrey singer’s voice, brings an uplifting feeling of hope.

Which, during a time of impending climate change, social pressures and materialism, is a message much needed.

Face to Face is a song featured on track 4 of PONY, and as a university students, the song is something we can all relate to.

Rex tweeted: “[Face to Face] is about being away from home, feeling trapped in an undesirable situation and finding it difficult to trust people.”

PONY is the perfect album for when you want to tap into your emotions and release pent-up stress.

At the start of his song 10/10, the musician sings: “I thought of my oldest friends. Now I no longer hang with them.

“I feel like a five. I can’t pretend. But if I get my sh*t together this year, maybe I’ll be a ten.”

Rex Orange County has always vibrated energy that one would describe as unique and solitary.

You can see the artists’ isolation as a theme throughout his album.

The song Pluto Projector reflects this, having chosen Pluto, the planet furthest away from our sun, as a central focal point.

The song progresses at a slow walking pace,  almost orbital and solar-like, and promotes self-reflection.

Be entranced by the beautiful lull of the gentle guitar, and the drowsy drumbeat. But, of course, you’ll have to listen for yourself.







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