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Sainsburys will wipe out local businesses

By Beatrice Omirin Nov 27, 2018

Local business owner had to sell his shop after a decline in revenue due to Sainsbury’s opening on Penrhyn Road.

According to the new owner of Londis on Surbiton Road, Harveen Singh Kapoor, the previous owner was doing well before Sainsbury’s opened.

“I see less and less people coming to the shop every day and it has been a very gradual process,” said Kapoor.

The Sainsbury’s store occupies the commercial space on 75 Penrhyn Road which is close to Kingston University.

Kapoor told the River that less students came to his shop because they find it more convenient as it is closer to the university and very popular.

“There is too much competition so I have had to lower prices for some of the stock as a result of this.”

Since taking on the shop five months ago, he has been forced to change his opening hours from 7am-11pm to 6am-12am. Sainsbury’s close at 11pm so opening longer means earning more trade.

The Londis owner had to let go of staff because of the decline in sales and loss in trade. He originally had two full time staff and has cut that down to one.

“I couldn’t pay employees so my wife has to come to the shop to come help me.”

Other shops have also suffered since the Sainsbury’s Local opened its doors.

Owner of Laabham convenience store on Surbiton Road claimed that he is struggling to pay the rent.

Sen Siva, owner of the convenience store said: “The supermarket is trying to kill local businesses and takeover.”

Siva told the River that in a couple years that there will not be any more local shops in the area because of the supermarket giant.

“I have seen various shops close down because customers are going to Sainsbury’s because they sell everything,” said the 38-year-old.

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