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Something for the weekend: Galsworthy exhibit at Rose Theatre

By Joe Barclay Oct 10, 2014

Kingston’s Rose Theatre has an exhibition showing the work of Kingstonian John Galsworthy’s efforts and work during World War One.

Galsworthy, best known for The Forsyte Saga, was born in Kingston Hill and had a nationally successful career as a novelist, poet and playwright.

The exhibiton called Galsworthy: Human Battles on the Home Front uses audio-visuals to focus on the life of the Nobel-Prize winning writer and his campaigning during World War I for disabled servicemen and amputees who had been injured in the trenches.

The exhibiton is accompanied by an audio guide which is available for free download on both Apple and Android phones. The audio offers an incredible personal viewing of the exhibit with readings of soldiers letters, poignant music and sound effects that bring the reality of trench warfare to the ears of every visitor.

The exhibiton runs through Saturday 25 October and is well worth a visit for anyone interested in literature, history and incredible true stories. Admittance is free.

To download the app for the audio guide go to

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