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Students are upset about an email sent out by the SU

By Rikke Nylund Jan 28, 2018
KU students feel insecure following the SU advert. Photo: Rex Features

The Student Union are reviewing their policies after students complained about a facial aesthetics advert sent to students by the SU on Wednesday January 10.

The Kingston Student Union sent out an email only containing an advert for the company AURA which is a centre of dental excellence and facial aesthetics. The advert contained student offers for treatments such as wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers – an injection to restore lost volume and smooth lines – and skin peels.

The social secretary for the Feminist Society, Libby Seyers, said that anyone should feel free to change their looks if they want to, but she does not think the university should promote this idea by sending out such adverts.

“I know so many people who want lip fillers and stuff, and I think anyone should do what they want to make them feel better about themselves but it’s really sad that it’s being enforced, even by our uni, that girls are more attractive with bigger lips and smaller noses,” Seyers said.

Seyers also added that the university should focus on making women feel more confident and by sending out an advert about facial aesthetics it is doing the complete opposite.

Several students were upset by this advert, saying it is not right to advertise for facial treatments because many students are concerned about the way they look.

“They are being hypocrites,” said Jodie Wonford, a third year illustration student. “They always promote their health and wellbeing week and teach people about mental health and then they sent out something like this where they tell people to change their faces. It is horrible.”

One student even took to twitter after receiving the advert.
One student even took to twitter after receiving the advert.

Wonford also said she trusted the union and was therefore very shocked when they sent out an advert supporting students to change their faces, and described it as unprofessional.

Several other students complained about the advert and were shocked when they saw it. Second year drama student Lucy Major said students have enough to worry about already and do not need the reminder.

Major said: “We are already self-conscious without cosmetic problems being pointed out.”

“It’s not like students are able to afford any of these treatments anyway so they are just pointing out things to be self-conscious about that we can’t change,” added the drama student.

The Union said it was not their intention to upset any students by promoting the advert. A spokesperson for the Union of Kingston Students said: “We strive to ensure all messaging sent out by the Union is appropriate for our students and provides useful advice and information.”

“We accept it didn’t meet these criteria in this instance. It is never our intention to cause upset to students and we always take their comments and feedback very seriously. We are reviewing our policies and procedures around commercial advertising as a result.”

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