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Should the UK allow menstrual leave?

A new menstrual leave bill in Spain allows women to take up to three days of menstrual leave a month, which will be paid for by the government. For individuals who have severe cramping, nausea, [more…]

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Students are upset about an email sent out by the SU

The Student Union are reviewing their policies after students complained about a facial aesthetics advert sent to students by the SU on Wednesday January 10.

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#paintedmammals sends the wrong messages to women

Last month, an online campaign by the name of #paintedmammals went viral.

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Kingston University student designs modest fashion for Muslim women

At first glance, law student Anosha Anwary, blends in with the smart, well-dressed students of Kingston University’s business campus – Kingston Hill. Beneath the shy and modestly dressed appearance, there is a determined and creative [more…]

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Defying traditions with every degree

Breaking the news that I wanted to study journalism at University was far from easy. Growing up, law, medicine and accounting spun in a limited wheel of future prospects that my father found financially stable [more…]