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Library limits: How are students finding the current rules?

By Ida Lillebo Nov 23, 2020
Photo: Ida Lillebo

KU libraries were forced to take several safety measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The result was a demand for students to wear a facemask at all times whilst inside the library, restrictions on several library facilities, and students being banned from browsing for books.

We went out to see how our students feel about having to study in these circumstances.

Ummar Ahmed: first-year Pharmacology Student

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“It gets packed easily, but we are lucky enough to have a massive library so I always manage to find some space. Everything is pretty unusual but it’s alright. It’s very uncomfortable always having to wear a mask, it does take your mind off studying. However, I understand that this is all for safety measures.”

Paige McKenzie: third-year Product Design Student

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“I come here for some quiet space because I live with two people who also work from home so the wifi is really slow. It’s annoying having to wear a mask but its not the worst thing in the world.”

Emmanuel Orebeoa: foundation-year Sociology Student

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“I don’t really use the library because I have to travel so far. It’s long having to wear the face mask all the time as well.”

Inger Hernes: third-year Architecture Student

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“I think it’s wrong that I have to pay so much for my degree when we can’t even use all the facilities. I believe it would be fair for us to get a refund when we don’t even get what we’re paying for.”

James: second-year Design Marketing Student

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“It’s not too bad. A lot of services are still available but with restrictions. I’m happy using the online books and the staff here is really friendly. I live only five minutes away, I like working around other people and I feel like I can really be productive, so I still come to the library every day.”

Cris Duarte: KU student and library assistant

Photo: Ida Lillebo

“It’s a bit weird but it’s alright. It is a bit hard as students can’t browse for books themselves, that’s why we are here taking them out for them. I’m happy I get to work with a visor, rather than the mask I need to wear when I use the library for studying. I still attend all my online lectures from the library.”

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