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Earthquake support event at KU this Thursday

The School of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Psychology Society are hosting a solidarity event this Thursday following the recent tragedy in Turkey and Syria. More than 47,000 people died after two powerful [more…]

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KU Somali Society collects hijabs and abayas for women in Syria

The KU Somali Society started a collection campaign of hijabs and abayas for women in need in a Syrian refugee camp. The society is collecting scarves and abayas, a dress-like garment that some Muslim Women wear, for One Nation, a charity working [more…]

Caught in the crossfire

Tatiana Dias and Hanette Ibrahim spoke with two KU students who shared their disheartening experiences during their summer in Egypt.

Syrian KU student fears going home

Being able to walk down the street is a luxury for Syrian student, Amer Labania. Caroline Bursell That hated lecture, the countless essays, a robe at graduation and graduating at all – they’re all privileges to [more…]