The Other’s Gold book review: One is silver…

3/5 Stars

As someone who has gone through their fair share of inner friendship turmoil, Elizabeth Ames debut novel The Other’s Gold hit close to home in her realism.

The book is an insightful and sparkling novel that starts on a college campus and follows the friendship of four women across life-defining turning points.

Wearing their past traumas on their sleeves, the friends rely on one another to navigate their way through life.

The narrative blurs between each character, deftly jumping through the past, present and future.

There are dark moments – shockingly dark – but paired with the nostalgic ones, the book ultimately reflects the true joy, and turmoil, of female friendships.

We are there with the four students as they jump from exciting parties to heartache, right before perching beside them on their common room sofa – the fifth member to their group.

The poem at the start perfectly describes their friendship: one is silver and the other’s gold.

The Other’s Gold will be available in bookstores April 2020.

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