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Jason Maza to star in teen slasher Demons Never Die

By River Reporter Nov 1, 2011

By Jan-Marie Revers

One to watch out for

The “nightmare child” Jason Maza is back on our cinema screens with his latest role in the British teen slasher Demons Never Die. The 24-year-old British born actor first took to the stage way back in 2001 in a short school drama called Pit. Following this was The Bill, Casualty, A Touch of Frost and the list continues.
Becoming more of a familiar face to the British audience, it is fair to say that Maza has successfully entered the UK film industry. He is definitely one to watch out for with multiple TV appearances and already achieving roles in the films Fish Tank, Shifty and his recent role in Demons Never Die (out in cinemas on October 28).

Definitely unhinged

Jason’s role in Demons Never Die as a psychotic death obsessed ‘Kenny’ is outstanding, and among the other cast members, with no doubt he shines the most. Jason argued that his character is “definitely unhinged, some people describe him as a psycho, I call him a fruitcake”.
Kenny is the leader of a group of friends who form a suicide pact. While his friends remain somewhat sceptical about the whole idea of taking their lives, “Kenny is 110% for it and they must make it the biggest show possible. They can’t just go out as losers, they have to go out in style”, said Maza.

Energy needed to be channelled properly

Jason Maza began acting at the tender age of eight when it was agreed that he had so much energy which at the time seemed to be wasted.
He said: “My parents didn’t really know what to do with me but they just knew that energy needed to be channelled properly. So they found this little local drama club and put me in it and I loved it! I took to it like a duck to water.”
He attended Collins Performing Arts School until the age of 16 and after was “forced” by his parents to get A Levels. Jason then took a gap year and began applying for drama schools, then it all kicked off from there.
His inspiration for acting grew stronger every day.
When Jason saw British actor Ray Winstone in Nil by Mouth and Sexy Beast, he was immediately convinced, he said: “Here’s a guy I can relate to and I still find Ray Winstone completely inspiring with the films that he does.”

Opportunity to improve

And his admiration doesn’t end there. He continued: “From the US I’ve got a massive, massive man crush on Ryan Gosling. I’m a huge fan, I think he’s a ridiculous actor, he’s amazing. Not only is he constantly on the hunt for the next job he is also conscious that with every job comes an opportunity to improve.”
“I think as an actor you want to be challenged, I’m just looking for that part that can improve me as an actor.”
For all you romantics, keep a look out for Jason Maza on Valentine’s Day in a romantic comedy with Noel Clarke called The Knot set to be released next year.  Also look out for a family comedy, Outside Bet, with Bob Hoskins, Adam Deacon and Phil Davis out in UK cinemas on November 25.



As we near the end of October it is all about Halloween, scary films, and a bit of friendly trick or treating.
Let the yearly scare fest begin! It would not be the same without the expected teen slasher, and this year it takes the form of the British version of Scream – Demons Never Die.
You have a masked killer, a knife, a group of teenagers and of course, all completed with the moment where that one girl decides it is best to run into the forest.
A group of college students get a nasty shock from the apparent suicide of a close friend, and they agree to form a suicide pact. Things start to go wrong as one by one they are faced with the anonymous masked killer and out of nowhere the group’s focus switches from death to life. The battle begins as they fight for their lives and the ones they love.
British writer and director Arjun Rose ensures us that “it’s going to be EPIC”.
Demons Never Die brings us the freshest British cast of today’s generation: including Robert Sheehan (Misfits and Killing Bono), British Independent Film award winner Ashley Walters (Get Rich or Die Tryin’), Jason Maza (Fish Tank and Shifty) and N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos.

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