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Rap Duo Rizzle Kicks will release their first album November 5

By River Reporter Nov 1, 2011

By Michelle Tiwo

Ridiculously talented

The UK has a new dynamic rap duo and they sound nothing like N-Dubz, thankfully.
Instead add The Streets with A Tribe Called Quest and a dollop of the Gorillaz and you get Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens and Harvey “Sylvester” Alexandra-Sule aka Rizzle Kicks.
Rizzle Kicks have already released eight music videos, racked up over 20 million YouTube views, collaborated with X-Factor finalist Olly Murs, are currently supporting Professor Green on tour, announced their own 2012 UK tour and are about to release their debut album ‘Stereo Typical’.
The Brighton-based BRIT school pair are nothing like your typical arty-farty performing arts school students. Well other than being ridiculously talented, in which case then they are. But as for being your typical urban act they are far from it.

Humble and optimistic

“We’re inspired by so many different artists,” says Rizzle. “Alex Turner is a huge one of both of ours, Pete Doherty, Dizzee Rascal, Pharoahe Monch, Gorillaz and Kanye West. There’s no real way to describe our music but we’d say vibes, hip and hop.”
With a kick start to their career after the success of their feature on Olly Murs’ ‘Heart Skips a Beat’ the duo, Rizzle, 19 and Harley, 20, have come a long way from listening to musical theatre students singing in corridors but still remain humble and optimistic about their future.
“Hopefully soon we’ll be smiling at the awesomely critically acclaimed response to our new album. Although we could be crying ourselves to sleep in the knowledge that no-one likes us.
“Realistically we’ll be popping up wherever, just seeing what people think about the album and if they like it. That’s really the main goal -get out a decent first record that we like it. Now it’s just time to see if everyone else does.”

Likeability factor

Not wanting to stop the collaborations there, the pair have set their aims high and explain they would love to work with some music legends. “Our dream collaboration would be with Prince, we saw him at the Hop Farm Festival and he blew us away. He’s a G!”
Their ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude combined with their witty lyrics have won over the hearts and ears of fans nationwide. When you throw in the obvious likeability factor, the boys clearly have a winning formula.
“If all goes right then we’ll be continuing to invade your ears.”
Catch Rizzle Kicks at Banquet Records on November 5 for their album signing and at 6pm, then at The Hippodrome from midnight for an exclusive album release show. Tickets and album just £8.


If you’re ever feeling cold this winter, which you definitely will be, just pull out Rizzle Kicks debut album for witty lyrics, energy and a huge dose of summer sunshine.
With a terrific start to the year already, hopefully the duo can end it just as well with their new album ‘Stereo Typical’.
Being big dreamers themselves, it was only right that they begin with a mellow instrumental on ‘Dreamers’ that holds the power to take you back to your own childhood days.  
Their summer-inspired track ‘Down with the Trumpets’ is exactly that, trumpets all over the mix and summer lyrics to top it off. It is then followed by ‘Demolition Man’, which brings a nice contrast to the album.
The song ‘Miss Cigarette’ leaves the listener wondering whether it is about a girl or the actual cancer stick. The single video itself didn’t help much either with a girl prancing around smoking a cigarette.
But not to worry, ‘Home wrecker’ will bring you out of that daze as you listen to the tale of a woman caught cheating on her partner. Who is this mystery woman though? There are no phoney American accents on the vocals and no gimmicks with this dynamic duo. What you see is what you get and what you hear is pure creativity. Rizzle Kicks do a fine job of bringing fun to the British rap scene and giving it a new makeover.

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