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Lockdown one year on: What have we learned?

By Ashley Bautista Domingo Mar 25, 2021

One year on since Boris Johnson announced the UK’s first lockdown due to Covid-19 and here we still are. It’s been a chaotic, unpredictable and scary time and it’s not over yet. 

We’ve missed holidays, birthdays, festivals and concerts. We’ve learnt how to make banana bread, dalgona coffee and TikTok feta pasta. We’ve joined Chloe Ting’s two-week workout program and even offered to do the grocery shopping for the sake of going out.

Being told to stay indoors for most of 2020 with what felt like only a short interlude in summer, we’ve all had our ups an downs. But it’s also taught us a lot, as some of The River team reflect.

Ashley Bautista

“This whole year has been about spending time with your parents and siblings and less time with your friends, which would have been the other way around if coronavirus didn’t hit us the way it has. I’ve realised that everything I need in my life is around me and I’ve started to appreciate it more than ever. Every single second must be spent wisely. It’s been a year and the only wish I have is for coronavirus to go away, for us to be able to enjoy our lives and recover the time that we’ve already lost.”

Aqsa Khan

“This past year has been the most challenging and life-changing year ever. But if a year in a pandemic has taught me anything, it was to not to take anything for granted. Until this is over, I’ll keep reminding myself that each day is a step towards normality. A year on, my heart goes out to anyone who lost someone.” 

Rodayna Raydan

“I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in life and not take the routine we had pre Covid-19 for granted. Last year felt like a rollercoaster and nothing was in place and it all had an impact on my mental health, but also the pandemic has taught me a lot of things about myself. Oh, and the importance of saving money because you can lose your job anytime.”

Daniel Nuttman

“The first lockdown came around on the week of my 20th birthday, and now I’m about to spend my 21st birthday in lockdown, as well. It’s been a rough year for everyone and I hope that everyone can be vaccinated soon so we can get back to a normal lifestyle – if we can remember what that is like. I just hope that people don’t ignore the lockdown rules too soon because we’re so close to getting out of this situation and I don’t think anyone really wants to stay in it or experience this sort of thing again.”

Ida Lillebo

“The past year has been extremely challenging, confusing and lonely from time to time. Looking back at it a year down the line, I also feel like it has brought a unique sense of togetherness as we all have found ourselves in the same difficult situation. It has definitely taught me how much I appreciate the little things I used to take for granted. We are finally starting to see the light at the end never-ending tunnel, and I’m so proud of all students for pulling through this year.”

Sofia Floris

“During the past year I’ve spent a lot of time with my family and I’ve learned to cherish every moment with them. It’s crazy to think how much can change in a year and it has made me realize that I shouldn’t take family and friends for granted. The past year came with many challenges but at the same time I think that I’m trying my best to get out of the pandemic as a better person.”

By Ashley Bautista Domingo

I'm a journalism student at Kingston University wanting to become a travel writer. Born and raised in Barcelona (Spain) with Filipino heritage. Multilingual and passionate about photography.

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