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Extra time in bed as clocks go back

By Chris Dudek Oct 29, 2021
Watch on a wristDon't forget the clocks change this weekend. Photo credit: Chris Dudek

Kingston University students will be delighted to see the clocks go back on October 31 as we mark the end of British summer time.

Students will be able to enjoy an extra hour in bed, so when the clocks go back at 2am Halloween celebrations will be offset by that precious moment in bed the next day.

Nabil Rashid said: “I will make the most of that extra hour in bed, it will help me to improve my mental health in a way. I can have an extra hour to myself.”

However it can cause a certain amount of confusion for some people.

“My birthday is on the 26th October so the time difference affects me a lot because it’s always the time of the year when it gets dark again,” said criminology student Adam Wan.

The current set up with the two periods, British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time, have been in place since the 70s.

The clocks change in many places around the world, though not all at the same time.

Clocks change on November 7 in the US and mark the end of the period known as daylight saving.

Economics student Eli Hall said: “The time difference makes it harder to communicate with my family in the America.

“I have to stay up till 11pm just to call them,” Hall added.

The time shift was originally set up to aide travelling commuters avoid the dark and to help avoid needless energy consumption.

Luckily, in case students forget, smartphones should automatically reset their time so they will not miss out on the bedtime bonanza.

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