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Meet your student officers for 2023/24

By Yaasmiin Hassan Dec 16, 2023

The student officers for the Union of Kingston Students have been chosen by you to serve as your representatives during your university journey.

They make decisions that impact your time at university, improving policies and fostering a more supportive environment at Kingston.

Meet the officers:

Samad Chaudhry is the President and the voice of the Student Union.  

Sarmmed Ibrahim is the Welfare Officer who addresses all aspects related to student wellbeing. 

Hamzah Fahim Khan is the Student Opportunities Officer who works on enhancing opportunities available to students, such as societies. 

Abdullah Khan is the Education Officer who is in charge of your education experience. 

Kingston University’s newly elected Welfare Officer, Sarmmed Ibrahim, shares his insights into the Union’s motivations, aspirations and plans to bolster mental health support for students across the campus. 

When asked what inspired him to pursue the Welfare Officer position, Sarmmed said: “I wanted to be a means to help improve the mental health of students, as I believe it’s a topic that isn’t discussed enough.” 

Sarmmed also said: “I am working on a specific project that, if all goes well, can be a great addition to the lives of students that want to live a higher quality, healthy lifestyle in an easily accessible way.

“We are currently working on a few ideas for January/February time. I have already pushed for a specific service, Nightline, to be more available for students.”

However, he also raised the challenges of stepping into the position without the guidance of previous officers. 

“For us current officers specifically, it is more challenging as we have come from a year of no officers, meaning we have not had goals, information or projects passed down. We are still doing the best we can and will be passing down our goals, information and projects onto the next officers when the time comes,” said Sarmmed.  

As he goes into the next term, Sarmmed’s message to Kingston University students is one of support and reassurance: “Remember, you’re never alone. We all face tough times, but there’s always someone willing to listen and support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help; we’ve all been there and understand.” 

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