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Covid-19 testing ‘one of the most calming jobs I had’

By Laurynas Puikys Jan 26, 2021
KU alumna Bariz Othman works at the KU coronavirus testing centre since it opened on 3 December.

A Kingston University graduate says working at the university’s coronavirus testing site is a “calming job” and finds it “relaxing” thanks to the implemented safety measures.

KU alumna in Business Management with Human Resources, Bariz Othman, has been working at the testing centre from its opening on December 3 and says the decision to join was an obvious choice.

“The recruitment started with an agency which approached me about the job. Because I am already a graduate it was a no-brainer that I wanted to come back and work for uni.

“I had been a student nurse before going to KU, so I had a slight idea within the whole health department, but it was purely just because I wanted to give something back to the community and help them out,” Othman said.

Head of Public Affairs and Insight at Kingston University, Jennifer Edwards, said it was crucial for the testing site to find staff members that were already experienced in this field.

“We had a very critical time period to get this all done because the local authorities put their time constraints, so it was most effective for us to make sure that we have staff who already had the experience to come in and set up the testing centre.

“It’s very smooth, very clear what we’re doing and safe – we have to get tested every morning.”

KU alumna Bariz Othman

“We spoke to some very strong candidates. I think it’s good that we’re offering that kind of experience to our graduates to really help their employability prospects in the future,” Edwards said.

KU graduate Othman said she was nervous before joining as the idea of catching the virus was not pleasing at all.

“As any new job, it was nerve-wracking, especially being around the possibility of people carrying the virus, but with the training, services and the PPE that has been provided by the university, it is one of the most calming jobs I’ve had.

“It’s very smooth, very clear what we’re doing and safe – we have to get tested every morning. Having those chances, because there are a lot of health centres that do not even have the possibility of getting tests every day, for me, it’s very relaxing,” Othman said.

The KU alumna says that despite taking the coronavirus test daily, it feels like a new experience every time she does it.

“It can irritate the throat when you do it every day. “You would think that every day you do the test and you would get used to it, but it isn’t like that. You still get the same thing that everyone gets when they do the test for the first time,” Othman said.

As The River announced earlier, the testing centre is expected to run until Easter and, depending on the demand, there may yet be job opportunities for students.

“If this model continues going forward because it’s very uncertain at the moment due to the government guidance, it’s changing on a very frequent basis, we may consider putting out some adverts to students as demand requires,” Head of Public Affairs and Insight, Edwards, said

By Laurynas Puikys

Journalism student from Kingston University and Editor of The River. Main interests: books, basketball and motorsports.

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