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Kingston Hive host an eco-friendly event on climate coaching and climate change

By Gabrielle Risasi Jan 23, 2023
The Kingston Hive poster. Photo credit: Gabrielle Risasi

A collective of local volunteers gathered at Kingston Hive on Friday to speak and learn about climate change. 

The eco-friendly event was hosted by Tisu Ghosh, a Kingston Hive volunteer who spoke about the climate crisis and what can be done to stop climate change locally. 

“We aim to teach the people that live in Kingston the skills and support they need to reduce costs and waste and to make Kingston a healthy and happy place,” said Ghosh. 

The two-hour session took place at the cyclehub underneath Kingston station, where the volunteers gave advice to each other on how to cut carbon emissions and energy costs, recycling and even how to grow your own hobby farm. 

The Kingston Hive hosts different environmental meetings every week where they offer eco-friendly advice sessions, workshops, cooking demos and much more.  

A seating area at the Kingston Hive. Photo credits: Gabrielle Risasi

The cycle hub accommodation was given to the climate organisation by Kingston Council and it is where they host all their meetings, including a Friday drop-in every week.  

Every meeting can be seen on their website, where you can learn more about the organisation or contact them if you would like to volunteer. 

“A lot of people want to do stuff but don’t have an idea. Some people have an idea but don’t have the recourses,” said Ghosh.

The Kingston Hive week schedule. Photo Credits: Gabrielle Risasi

The accommodation is also open for “different groups of people who are doing different things” according to Ghosh, who says that the hub could be cool as it “grows in popularity”. 

“It’s a safe space for everyone – people that want to know more about climate change and people that know everything about climate change,” said Thersea Harling, a Kingston Hive volunteer.

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