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Wet Leg star wears corset created by KU fashion student

By Leah Kellman Feb 13, 2023
Woman on the left is wearing a quirky belt strap top and woman on the right with blonde hair is wearing a beige corset without straps and a belt buckle at the side of itKitty Ellis designed Hester Chamber's (right) corset. Credit: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Kingston University BA Fashion student, Kitty Ellis has designed a corset for Hester Chambers who is one half of the British indie rock band, Wet Leg.  

Wet Leg showcased their denim steam punk look at the Brits which had critics describing it as “sensational”. 

Ellis said: “My project is based on where I’m from in the Black Country, which is in the West Midlands. 

“The Black Country got its name from the smog and soot in the air from the Industrial Revolution and coal mining in particular.

“My project focuses on the women that worked on the pits of the mines, still having to wear dresses. They had to tuck the hems of their skirts into their workwear trousers.

“So, the project is a combination of hyper feminine under garments like corsets, suspender belts, juxtaposed with denim/ drill distressed fabrics and workwear silhouettes.”  

On designing an outfit for one of the UK’s hottest bands, Ellis said: “The opportunity came about because their stylist emailed me and asked to borrow the corset. I gave it to them and heard nothing back for a week. 

“On the day of the Brits, I received a confirmation from the stylist (Lee Trigg) that Hester would be wearing it, so I drank lots of Prosecco, bought a souvlaki and had a weep.” 

By Leah Kellman

Role: Features editor

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