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Kylie Jenner tweets about Snapchat update and the internet goes bonkers

By Ine Schwebs Mar 6, 2018
Kylie Jenner's tweet caused Snapchat a loss of $1.3m. Photo: GQ India

KU students were not impressed with Snapchat’s new design and said they were using the app less after the newest update.

Snapchat lost £1bn in stock value after a Kylie Jenner tweet and over 1.2m people signed a petition to remove the newest app update.

“I just think it is really unpractical. I’m definitely using it less now, and I might even stop using it. If they change it back I will use it like before,” said first-year biomedical student Haneen Mahmood.

Snapchat has 150m daily users globally.

The service has received criticism for being increasingly difficult to use and has been urged to get rid of the popular feature that allowed people to watch the stories of their friends in a chronological order.

In the newest update, the story page is replaced by a new ‘discovery’ page with brand publishing content and updates from celebrities and is no longer in a chronological order.

“The discover part is the most useless part because I never cared before, and now it’s like ‘great, even more useless things I don’t care about’,” said Rachel Castillo, a first-year English language and linguistics and publishing student.

The tweet Kylie Jenner shared with her 24.6m followers read “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad” and caused the company a loss of six per cent in stock market value.

Snapchat announced they would keep the new design despite the massive protests and said they “always listen closely” to customers when finding “new ways to make the service better for everyone.”

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