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News of the week 4

By River Reporter Nov 25, 2012

Ida Aagenæs

Torrential rain and flooding
Storms and torrential rain across England and Wales caused two deaths and left more than 800 homes flooded over the weekend.  
Hundreds of people have been helped from flooded cars and homes by firefighters and rescue services.
David Cameron reacted to the ‘shocking scenes of flooding’ by tweeting “Govt will ensure everything is being done to help.”
More rain is expected in the beginning of the week with more flood warnings being issued and rescue services advising members of the public not to drive through standing water. 

Minimum price for alcohol
In a bid to tackle binge drinking prime minister Cameron plans to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol to 40p.
The current price of beer sometimes turns out to be cheaper than a bottle of water and this has caused concern with health organisations who believe a minimum price for alcohol will benefit future generations.
This means that the lowest price for a can of beer will be £1, and a bottle of wine £4 at a shop or an off licence, but Cameron stressed that this would not influence prices at pubs.
The bid is expected to lower crime rates and curb binge drinking, especially amongst young people, but it has been met by opposition claiming it will penalise ‘moderate drinkers’.

Demo 2012
This week’s student protest against higher tuition fees and cuts in higher education was defined by poor turnout and poorer weather.
Compared to the tens of thousands that made their way to London on the last national student protest two years ago, the estimated 3-4000 students who marched through the capital last Wednesday were perhaps not as impressive but just as passionate.  
The march ended in Kennington Park where NUS president Liam Burns was met with anger and disappointment over a feeling of failure of the organisation.

Deaths of the week
Actress Dinah Sheridan, famous for her role as the mother in The Railway Children and BBC sitcoms Don’t Wait Up and All Night Long, died peacefully at her home at the age of 92.
Actor Larry Hagman, most famous for playing TV villain JR Ewing on the hit show Dallas, died at the age of 81 “surrounded by loved ones” in hospital after battling cancer.
Former Chelsea and Manchester United manager Dave Sexton has died at the age of 82, with Sir Trevor Brooking announcing it as a “sad day for football”.

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