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Over 100 Kingston students look for a sugar daddy to pay for their degree

By Priyanka Mogul Mar 6, 2015

Kingston is one of the top five universities in the UK for students who have signed up to sugar daddy agencies, according to a leading dating website.

Research by Seeking Arrangement found that 112 KU students have enrolled to find wealthy older individuals who can fund their studies in exchange for a relationship.

The website matches “sugar babies” with “sugar daddies” and claims to coordinate the “ideal partnersip” for both parties involved.

It is known to be the biggest website for promoting the “sugar lifestyle” and offers a premium membership for students enrolled at UK universities.

Over 1.4 million university students worldwide have signed up to the website, an increase of 42 per cent in the last year. Seeking Arrangement said KU is one of the fastest growing universities for new recruits, however, Winchester leads with 180 new sign ups.

Angela Bermudo, EU spokesperson for Seeking Arrangement said: “Tripling tuition fees are crippling students, who are left to sort out how to afford their education. True, they can do it the hard way, but why struggle when there are people who are happy to help?”

The website confirmed that tuition fees are the top expenditure for sugar babies, however, also said that many use the funds for other things such as housing, transportation and books.

It calls on students not to “waste precious study hours at a minimum wage job” and to sign up to become a sugar baby instead.

On average, university student sugar babies receive a monthly allowance of £2,000, which is £2,300 higher than the average starting salary for graduates in the country (£21, 702).

Website founder, Brandon Wade, said: “Sugaring not only aids in the cost of pursuing an education, but a large majority of these men and women will have a more solid financial situation upon graduation, maybe even a job.”

Wade quit his consulting position to start the online dating website after losing hope of falling in love. It was apparently Wade’s mother who told him that once he was financially successful he could “turn the dating game in his favour”.

Bermudo defending allegations of the website promoting prostitution by saying: “I believe this is a form of empowerment for women. That they can be independent, goal orientated, and ambitious, while openly voicing what they expect in a partner. There’s no shame in wanting to be with someone who will elevate your position in life.”

However, questions have been raised as to whether this is the most appropriate way for students to deal with financial troubles.

A spokesperson for Kingston University said: “[We are] committed to assisting students who may face financial pressures during their studies.

“The University has an extensive range of systems in place to help worried students.

“If a problem lies outside the scope of support available at the University, a range of reference material is readily available that will provide information about outside agencies who may be able to help.”

By Priyanka Mogul

Priyanka is Online Editor of the River Newspaper for Group D. She is also the Manager of International Political Forum and President of the Kingston University Journalism Society. She has previously held the position of Communications Intern with the United Nations Association, One World Media, and The British Institute of Human Rights.

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