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Varsity countdown

By River Reporter Mar 7, 2013

The River sports team talk with some of KU’s team captains ahead of Varsity

Kaia Tufteland

The biggest day of the sporting calendar is almost upon us, as the annual Varsity competition pits KU’s Cougars against the Stags of Surrey University.

Taking place on away turf at Surrey Sports Park, the Varsity is scheduled for Wednesday March 20 and gives Kingston a chance to exact some revenge against its local rivals who were victorious last year. 

Flo Amess, women’s football team captain, said: “It’s about pride and it’s competitive. It’s about pride for your university, and you want to represent your university.”

Day of excitement

The Cougars take on Surrey Stags in 27 different sports ranging from basketball and rugby to cheerleading and even canoe polo.

Basketball team captain, Alexander Geromoschos, said: “It’s an opportunity for the students to get involved, either if they are participating in one of the teams or as spectators, in a full day party.”

After each team has played their game, one member takes part in a Tug of War contest, which the Cougars are the current holders of.

“We haven’t been very lucky winning the trophy but we always win the Tug of War. That is really important to us,” Flo said.

Winning the trophy as well as competing at Varsity is, if not the biggest event for every Kingston team, a very important day for the Cougars.

David Holby, captain for the rugby team, said: “Varsity to me means a really physical game, there will be no love lost it becomes a game where you want to go out and hurt your opposite number.”

For the KU netball team it is also about showing the rest of the sports what netball is all about.

Netball captain, Adeva Bryan said: “Showing them what skill and ability we have and what it takes to play netball.”

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