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Black Ops 4, fast-paced action revives series

By Craig House Nov 6, 2018

For well over a decade now Call of Duty has been leading at the forefront of modern first-person shooter games.

A staple of the genre, a loyal fanbase of millions of gamers can be counted on to play it for months on end.

Black Ops 4 has already taken steps to move its franchise in a different direction and has ultimately ruffled a few feathers in the process.

The rather bizarre decision to remove any form of single player campaign when previous instalment Black Ops 3 had heavily focused on this element, even employing the help of Kevin Spacey to portray the game’s main villain, has certainly met a mixed reaction.

Single player aside, the game for many is focused around the tried and tested multiplayer which returns with all the cosmetic and gameplay enhancements we’ve come to expect from the series.

The implementation of manual healing is a welcomed feature which adds a new element to combat. The gameplay feels noticeably smooth and the developers have actively listened to a community who so actively vocalised their distaste for the jetpack themed combat which was a paramount feature in the predecessor.

Fans of the game mode Zombies will be pleased as it makes its return and notably with the removal of the single player campaign is the only existing element of the game which will feature any sort of story.

In a game now so heavily focused around its multiplayer elements, Zombies is the last option for those players who enjoy solitary play and don’t want to enter into the competitive space that multiplayer often generates.

Finally, in terms of new content, Black Ops 4 introduces “Blackout”. The series like many others delves into the ever growing and popular Battle Royale formula with its own adaption of the genre.

With any new Battle Royale game there needs to be a unique concept and Black Ops 4 has opted to do this by allowing you to play as fan favourite characters from previous instalments.

These include not only the previous cast of Zombies iterations but also characters such as the continuously returning, Captain Price.  The large map is built with nods to previous multiplayer maps that are sure to be recognised by seasoned veterans of the franchise.

Treyarch’s Call of Duty iteration gambles with its removal of single player, it listens to the majority and keeps the player’s boots out of the air and on the ground.

Zombies makes its welcomed return and Blackout will be sure to please Battle Royale fans.

Like any title in the franchise Black Ops 4 will most certainly have teething problems around launch but the developers are proven at listening to the community and addressing issues that may arise.

If you’re a fan of the series, Black Ops 4 will provide you countless hours of a fresh experience… new maps, new guns, even new modes. Everything you could possibly want from a first-person shooter is in this package and it doesn’t disappoint.

The game is available to be played on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC.

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