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Trumpets, mojitos and crazy dancing

By River Reporter Oct 3, 2013


While I am one of the lucky members of the brotherhood of  eclectic listeners who enjoys her coffee with a teaspoon of Jackie Wilson, goes jogging in the park accompanied by The Killers and falls asleep to Daft Punk who invented the musical equivalent to counting sheep (“Around the World”), I am one of the pickiest people when it comes to live music. 

Thankfully, there’s one place in Kingston that hospitably opens its doors every Thursday to supply me with my weekly fix of made-on-the-spot funky beats. No 88 Bar & Grill has turned into a hotspot for all K-towners who appreciate sophisticated sounds and a groovy rhythm that will keep you dancing the whole night.

Trumpeter Paul Jordanous who is responsible for this mid-week fun has undoubtedly an absolute wealth of talent. Having played with Atomic Hooligan, Clark Tracey Sextet, Soundspecies and featured on more than 20 albums, he is now Kingston’s private jazz sensation bringing a mix of ‘jazz, funk, groove, pop and all the bits in between’ to the eager audience at No. 88 Bar.

A hotspot for all K-towners who appreciate sophisticated sounds

Last week, Jordanous was joined by his 15-piece band for the one year anniversary of Thursday Night Live Music. As soon as the lights hit the stage and the first notes echoed through the room, the crowd started to cheer in anticipation of their favourite hits from Stave Wonder, John Legend and Randy Crawford. One could notice that some of the guests were far from jazz gig rookies; others who were attending for the first time were eager to come back for more the following week.    

The big surprise of the night was KU graduate TJ Esubiyi, who brought a fresh sound and funky moves to the dance floor, lifting the spirits even higher.

People were eager to come back for more the following week 

Speaking of spirits, we should also mention the outstanding service at the bar. The tireless bartenders mde sure that every guest had their glass full; the two-for-one cocktails being the absolute drink of choice for the night.

88 is also famous for its mouthwatering chef’s specialties that are not only tasty but also student-friendly. Have a veggie pasta dish for as little as £2.95 or try out the £6 lunch deal including any main dish plus a drink. The atmosphere is perfect for a dinner date too with a main dish and a desert starting from only £10!

Make sure to join us next Thursday for a great night out, I know that I’ll be there.

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