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Do we really need the British royal family?

By Anthony F Milne Mar 31, 2020
Harry and Meghans decision has proven to be controversial Photo: RexFeatures

The royal family have not been needed for anything more than tourism for decades. Millions of people every year travel to Britain to stand outside gates and stare at a building.
This is what the royals do for this country nowadays. When you hear people discussing the British royal family, you would think that they were discussing a soap-opera drama.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their first child people were placing bets on what the new baby would be.

British taxpayers lose about £358m a year just to have a head of state that is much more expensive than most of the non-political heads of state in Europe.

Also, the most obvious issue with having a royal family is the fact that it damages our democracy.

In what world is it democratic for someone to be put into a position of power due to the family they are born into?

We have seen that members of this family have abused this power they have been given.

While the treatment of Meghan Markle in the British media has been nothing short of horrible, the way the press has treated several women in the family is also atrocious.

Not as common as before, but in the early years of Prince William and Kate’s courtship, Kate was hounded for being “common” even though she was born into an upper-middle-class family.

Nowadays, with the drop in royal duties, the only time the public actually care about the royal family is when there is a wedding, a new baby or for the Queen’s Christmas message.

I do have great respect for many members of the family as individuals. Many of them have served this country such as Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Queen herself.

But is there a need for a British royal family in this day and age? I do not think so.
It is interesting to note that students at Kingston University do care about the royal family.

Also, the majority of students do not think the royals should be abolished.

This is interesting as while most people at Kingston university do care about the royals, the next most popular answer is that they didn’t care.

The ongoings of this family do not affect our day-to-day life at all. I do not understand why some still care.

Is Britain a land full of Republicans? Of course not, but is it a land full of royalists? Not anymore.

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