Grammys 2021: They never seem to get it right

The 2021 Grammys were the talk of the town with fans angry at the major  awards’ apparent unfairness and lack of diversity since the nominations were published in November last year.

Although female artists led the nominations this year, the Grammys seemed to forget the most important aspect of the music industry: inclusivity, in all its forms.

Exclusivity in some categories has not just upset fans. Celebrities have called out the Grammys for their lack of inclusion of some music genres. 

Once again, the Grammys have managed to infuriate fans as they were left heartbroken seeing their favourite artists not winning the categories that they were nominated for, despite breaking records.

Despite the Grammys mentioning numerous times throughout the years the importance of celebrating every single type of music and who’s behind the songs, fans have pointed out how they close the doors to foreign and Black artists who made their way into the market and right to the top of the billboard charts. 

Selena Quintanilla’s fans were disappointed at the tribute given to the Mexican singer who died in 1995 from a gunshot wound. Her fans claimed that the Grammys made a three-second tribute, which they felt was very disrespectful. 

Needless to say, some artists did get justice and won several awards, from Taylor Swift winning Album of The Year for the third time, to Beyoncé becoming the female artist with the most Grammy awards with her 28th win.

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One thought on “Grammys 2021: They never seem to get it right

  1. Music is very important for every generation. Grammys are just a recognition of the artist’s value. Each artist fights through his lyrics and the recognition of the fans remains the most important I believe. As long as their songs reaches people’s hearts, the rest is not so important. Recognition is nice, but hearing your music on people’s lips is more rewarding. I haven’t seen the Grammys awards, but good music will always reach me regardless of being awarded or not.

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