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Delightfully political Beans On Toast out with new birthday album

By Marie Mannes Dec 1, 2019
Photo: Courtesy of SonicPR

Beans On Toast is as politically delightful as always, though perhaps a tad slower in the rhythm.

Score: 4/6 

December 1 is a day with many traditions and significance.

 It is the first day of Advent.

It is the day it is socially acceptable to start playing Christmas tunes and decorating your home.

However, it is also Jay McAllister (AKA Beans On Toast) birthday!

And one-decade long tradition in connection with this day and his birthday is also the release of his newest album, and this year it is…

Drumroll, please…

The Inevitable Train Wreck!

Album artwork. Courtesy of SonicPR

Very suitable to the current political climate I would say.

Postpone Christmas tunes

Despite it being McAllister’s 11th album, he still manages to produce an exciting and funny collection.

I think it might even make some people decide to postpone their Christmas tunes to a later date in order to fully embrace the greatness of this album.

However great as his new songs are I do not think they can compete with some of his earlier hits like Can’t get a gig at Glastonbury Festival and War on War, but then again it is difficult to top those.

The new songs are interesting and as previously said, funny, but personally lack some of the beat that his earlier works had.

One thing that impressed me immensely with his new album is how up to date he is.

Boris Johnson

I assume creating an album takes quite a long time. 

However, Beans On Toast has several songs which are seemingly about Boris Johnson being the prime minister.

And even though the prospect of Beans on Toast being a psychic excites me quite a lot, I do think that the more reasonable explanation is that he is just very quick at creating great content songs quickly.

In-store concert

His song, England I love you is probably my favourite of the album although Take your Shit Home with You is close behind.  

Speaking of traditions. 

Another tradition that McAllister has so kindly honoured is stopping by Kingston’s Banquet Records for an in-store concert which is taking place on December 3.

So, in only a few days you can pick up both the album and if his performance is as good as last time I saw him live, I think it is safe to say that we are in for a treat.

Video from one of Beans on Toast previous shows at Banquet Records

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