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Redlight new album review- X Colour

By Rebecca Gouldbourne Nov 15, 2015

After releasing endless singles and EPs on iTunes, Redlight, otherwise known as Hugh Pescod, has finally released his album X Colour which became available to purchase November 13.

Consisting of 11 club bangers to get you in the mood at pre drinks, the Bristol/ London based artist’s new album features tracks with Billie black Melisa Whiskey, Roses Gabor, Jenna Andrews, ASTR, Andrea Martin and the much loved Prodigy.

As expected, the overall sound of the album is very housey and possesses all the stereotypical qualities of a house track including percussion stabs and wobble bass with repetitive beats and vocals which build up to a predictable climax before dropping. However, Redlight has also incorporated some garage in tracks such as Shine, which seems very Shadow Child influenced and has more of a chilled car journey to beach kind of vibe.


Threshold sounds a bit more MK influenced- definitely more suitable for the club like the majority of tracks from the album including Lessons and Lion Jungle which are much more bass heavy and dark, which is only to be expected from a track featuring Prodigy.

Despite there being an overall predictable and samey style to the album with repetitive beats just placed in a different order, the Dj and producer has done a good job at differentiating his pieces with a variety of vocals (some more robotic and computer like then some more angelic like Jenna Andrews).

The thing is with house music is that you rarely get a really unique house track which doesn’t have the same background patterns and structure as the others, so taking this into consideration, Redlight has managed to make create more diverse tracks to mix it up a bit. If you like shuffling and two stepping this is the sort of album for you.

If those type of people grind your gears then I suggest you don’t buy tickets to any Redlight gigs. Redlight will be performing at New Slang on November 19. For more information and to buy tickets, go to

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